SMS & Email marketing services in Chennai

Email Marketing Services in Chennai

Unlike many targeted media such as TV, radio and print which are consumed ‘on mass’ by a diverse range of audiences, email marketing is usually sent to prospects or customers who have already established a relationship with your brand.

It makes good business sense to ensure email marketing that talks directly to prospects and customers is appropriately planned and resourced. With behavioral-triggered email marketing and the ability to segment customers down to the finest distinctions, it’s no surprise that email marketing continues to grow in effectiveness.

Email marketing, helps in building relationship with customers in just few clicks. Generally, for an online business this campaign performs well. This can keep track of sales and conversion rates. Allow Email marketing to give an extensive boost to business.

SMS Marketing

Perception and reality are sometimes two very different things. Although in-app push notifications and geo-targeting messaging platforms have eaten up the majority of industry press in recent years, text messaging is still the marketing channel of choice for the majority of small business owners.

Short Message Service marketing, or SMS marketing, involves using text messages to transmit content or offers to customers. This low-cost, high-return marketing method will provide an effective platform for reaching mobile customers when utilized effectively.

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